Pink Mesh Feeder
Pink Mesh Feeder

Pink Mesh Feeder

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Mesh feeders are great for introducing solids and for teething little ones. Circular handle that is easy for their little hands to grab and hold. Mesh feeders allow babies to feed themselves. Large food slices can be placed inside the mesh which allows infants to practice chewing without the risk of choking. Only small mushed up pieces of food can pass through the mesh. Great for teething babies when used with frozen fruits. 

To clean: Simply twist the plastic ring and wash all pieces with warm soapy water.

Never leave child unattended with any type of feeder.
Always check to ensure that mesh is intact prior to feeding.


-Empty and wash as soon as you are finished with the feeder to prevent staining
-Pacifier clips work really well with the feeder to prevent being thrown onto the floor.
-An apple slice is great for teething babies.
-Frozen fruit and grapes are also great for teething.

Extra handy personal tip: Give baby a slice of fruit in the feeder after lunch and use a pacifier clip to attach onto their shirt. This will allow you to clean up the lunch mess while still being able to monitor an entertained bub.